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About Us

Creating Innovative Culinary Experiences

We are Central Florida's premier Kosher caterer.

Founded by trained chefs, we pride ourselves on delivering the highest quality products, expertly crafted, it's in our name. 

Let us treat you to the best-in-class service for your next event or get a taste of our quality by shopping our prepared foods.

Our Story

Crafted Gourmet is a project of Josh Gordon, a 10 year industry veteran.

Josh began his hospitality journey as a young cook in Los Angeles, CA where he was fortunate enough to train under the auspices of celebrity Chef Eric Greenspan. Josh spent time in all of Greenspan's restaurants gaining a vast knowledge of different culinary styles and cuisines from classic French American to Spanish Coastal and authentic California cuisine. At the same time Josh was hired as the program director for a seasonal event company. Josh lead a team in hosting high end destination family programs.

Josh moved to NY in 2016 and started freelancing as a private chef, traveling all over the world as a private chef for affluent families and corporate groups. 

In 2018 Josh founded Josh Gordon Events and began doing high end exclusive events in and around the tristate NY, NJ area.

Josh took all his hospitality experience from his culinary journeys around the world, as well as, his event production skills and moved to Orlando to launch Crafted Gourmet.

Josh's dedication to creating the best possible experience for his customers has garnered him as one of the most sought after chefs and hospitality experts in the Kosher industry.

Some Of Our Clients

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