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Gourmet Meal

Catering Menus

This is a collection of our expertly crafted catering menus to fit all your needs. Browse a wide variety of styles, cuisines, and presentations.

Fruit and Granola


Start your day the right way with the perfect breakfast. Browse our various offerings to perfectly suit your needs.


Replenish your day with a gourmet lunch. Browse our expertly crafted dairy lunch options to fit your needs.

Healthy Salad
Chicken Sandwich


Enjoy our gourmet selection of meat lunch options for both buffets or boxed.


Rejoice at the end of the day with our wide range of dinner buffet menus. We offer multiple style and cuisines, perfect for your needs.

DSC_2432-Edit-Edit (1).jpg


Indulge in our luxurious gourmet reception menus. Discover unparalleled Kosher cuisine for your upcoming event.

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